The Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is a boyhood dream realized by Terry Karlsen. Terry was first introduced to the art of boat building by his father , who built River and Jet boats. But it was not until Terry was introduced to Arne and Chris Frostad, when giving a hand with repairs to the longship Munin, that Terry turned to boat building as a profession. Terry has worked as a wooden boat shipwright for the past seven years.

The Valkyrie was built in honor of Terry's grandfather George Karlsen who was born in Norway . Terry says he could never have completed the project without the love, talents and support of the following people: Arne and Chris Frostad, Commodore Crafted Boats, Liza Lilleste, Dwight Laven, Doug Erickson, Tom Cooper, MacKenzie Cosens, John and Duncan Cowan, Pierre Delionnet, and lastly the Reik Felag Norse Culture Recreation Society.

The Valkyrie is a fusion of technologies. It incorporates late 11th century ship building techniques, most specifically the rudder, with a Viking age boat design. The reason for this was to make the Valkyrie reliable, safe and more versatile. She cost $20,000 to build and the surveyed value is $75,000. She is a one of a kind vessel more typical of coastal craft from the era, than the larger sea going Longships of legend. A swift and cunning vessel, the Valkyrie would be more than capable of delivering a power house punch of shock and awe if she suddenly sailed into your fjord with an armed crew.

The Valkyrie is 25 feet long and 7 feet 2 inches wide. She is build of red cedar over oak framing with purple heart detailing. The mast is of yellow cedar. The copper rivets came from England . All the brass work is hand wrought . Her 105 square foot sail is made of 6 ounce Dacron.

Lately Terry has confessed to a new vision... He dreams now of building a whole fleet of Viking ships!

The Valkyrie is the sole property of Terry Karlsen.

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